Bootstrap Snippets

Beautiful and responsive Bootstrap 4 components

Header Dark

Landing page header with a large background image, responsive navbar, and a center spot for your project.

Footer With Columns

Page footer with three columns that provide enough space for all of your website's links.

Social Icons

The quickest way to add social icons to your website. Powered by Ionicons and just a tiny amount of extra CSS.


Registration form including a number of input fields with validation and some icons for signing up using a social media account.

Shopping Cart

Bootstrap snippet for your store, containing product photos, details, prices, and a summary of everything in the cart.

Features Boxed

A responsive grid of cards containing icons, titles, descriptions and links. Perfect for listing product features.

Footer Dark

Website footer with a dark theme, containing page links, company description, and social media icons.

Header Blue

Landing page header featuring a responsive navbar, beautiful intro text, and a phone mockup for showcasing your products.

Contact Form

Stripped-down contact form card with clean HTML and a tiny bit of CSS.