Bootstrap Snippets

Beautiful and responsive Bootstrap 4 components

Registration Form With Photo

Modern, colorful registration card with an image on the left and all the form fields and actions on the right.

Subscription Form

Compact banner for prompting users to join your newsletter or subscribe to a service. Clean and unobtrusive.

Article List

Clean, responsive snippet for listing blog posts, products, videos or other data. Includes thumbnails with description and links.

Pricing Table

This snippet helps users decide which is the right plan for them, showing the various features and prices of your service.

Features Clean

With this snippet you can quickly add a features section to your landing page, highlighting what's great about your project.

Clean Navigation

Responsive Bootstrap navbar with links, dropdowns and buttons. Just copy and paste in your project for a super quick setup.

Highlight With Mockup

Full-width banner with an action button and smartphone mockup for displaying product screenshots or other photos.

Team Cards

Flat style cards for presenting your team. The design includes avatar photos, job titles, descriptions, and social links.

Login Form Clean

Tiny login form, containing only what's most necessary. Super easy to implement and customize.